To begin any new journey, it is important to start with a clean slate, which is why all of my clients begin their journey with my signature 7 day cleanse, which has been such a powerful step in the process that I am now offering Kait’s Cleanse as it’s own inclusive package! Doing a short cleanse every so often is a great way to give your body a chance to recuperate from the daily stressors in our environment, even those of us living a very clean lifestyle already can benefit from minor cleansing now and then just to further beautify the body and shed any excess toxicity we may be harboring. Weather you are riddled with stress, allergies, weight issues, skin problems, infertility, hormonal imbalance or just feel genuinely ‘overwhelmed’ in your life right now, Kait’s Cleanse can help. Now I know the word ‘Cleanse’ can be intimidating, maybe even start making you think of juice fasting, sweat lodges and eventually selling all your belongings and moving to a hippy commune in the mountains…but I assure you, this cleanse is nothing like that. Yes, there IS juice, but let me tell you what else you can expect…

•A step by step guide to your week of renewal! I will include practically by the hour instructions and suggestions of ways to get the most out of your cleanse, your daily meals with all recipes included, as well as suggested resources and websites to help you along the way.

•A detailed shopping list of everything you will need in specific amounts to prepare all of the lunches/dinners and snack options you’ll find on the week’s menu, as well as recipes for all meals included. I want this to be a effortless cleanse for you. Trying to flush your system and rid yourself of toxic build up would only be hindered by the stress of having to come up with creative ways to prep and construct your meals, especially if you’re new to the cleansing scene, so allow me to alleviate any stressful thought about food in your mind and let you cleanse with confidence knowing that you will be sustained & nourished with DELICIOUS food while showing yourself much love with easy to navigate pre-planned recipes and meals…

A solid introduction and gradual transition into a more health and eco concious lifestyle, and a specific program designed and gauged towards your success and goals. I am with you every step of the way through nutritional education, meal planning and menu creation, as well as goal setting and finding nutritional balance in your life. Here’s whats included…

•Consultation – 1–1.5 hours where I familiarize myself with your specific goals, past diet hardships, sleep patterns, life/work stress & generally assess the best approach to lifelong wellness for your personal journey and get to know YOUR lifestyle to properly identify challenges that you may face along the way in order to anticipate and overcome them.
•Kait’s Cleanse – A mandatory 5 days of easy system cleansing. This is no week long juice fast, I assure you! Over the course of a week, I will guide you step by step with a detailed cleanse outline, including a shopping list, prep-day duties, recipes and meal plan to make things as easy and seamless as possible. During your cleanse, fresh vegetable juices will be consumed through out the day, which can be made at home or purchased fresh daily from your local juice bar.
•Adaptation Work – During the first 4 weeks of your program, we will be making small adjustments and quality substitutions to your current diet, easing you into your new plant strong Lifestyle and making the transition seamless and simple. I will guide you through your local grocery store, showing you how to shop for plant strong foods, and supply you with weekly meal plans & recipes that support your goals.
•Goal Specific Rx – In the remaining 4 weeks of your coaching contract, I will set you up on a goal specific program with a basis on the results of your progress, body composition and current condition. We will continue to sit down 1x per week to assess your progress and tweak the program accordingly.

Diet Plans for Performance Athletes

If after our initial consultation it is clear that you have a general understanding of nutrition, macronutrients, calories, a healthy metabolism and also a baseline level of fitness, simplified diet plans are also available. This will give you the basic information you need to increase your performance, recovery and athleticism outlined in a way that allows you to follow the protocol easily with out much thought. Good for people who do not need a lot of variety in their day to day and that can veer off plan when necessary safely and with confidence. 

•Client specific macronutrient break down – Carefully calculated caloric needs based on BMR, body fat percentage, height, weight, age, activity level and goal.
•Weekly shopping list – detailed shopping list of foods in specific amounts that you will need each week to make sure not a dime is wasted. All produce and perishables will be utilized by the end of the week if plan is followed as written.
•Weekly prep day duties – Suggestions for foods to prep on your off day to gear up for the week ahead, making things as easy as possible for you to achieve your goals efficiently.
•Recipe instruction – Each plan will come with at least 2 recipes to make your week not only simple, but delicious.

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